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Needless to say, an infinite list of poets, painters, actors, writers, politicians and historical characters have been living in or visting Rome.
Some who were born in the Eternal City and also some who lived in it for a long time dwell in the hearts of the citizens, especially some actors, first of all Alberto Sordi ("Albertone" or "big Alberto"), who has a gallery in the central Corso named after him.
Some were leaders in the Roman Empire (who has never heard of Caesar, or Nero?), some were people in love with the City, such as the Britich poets Keats and Shelley; a number of painters simply could not skip a visit to its romantic and decadent views as Rome was part of the "Grand Tour".
Napoleon II was already known as "The King of Rome" since its birth, because Rome was still a symbol of the Empire; Mussolini ruled Italy from there and also, of course, there are the Popes.
And... how can we forget the Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo?
Trying to give the right space and spend the right words for each one would be impossible, a few names will be remembered here but someway an explanation for why so many people have been here can be given by an old Roman motto, as they used to say: "all roads lead to Rome"!


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