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Not just the monuments but also green areas are the pride of Rome: the percentage of the whole town area reserved for them (public parks and gardens, but also counting noteworthy private gardens) is definitely relevant.
Many historical villas, that once were for the nobles and the rich to show their wealth, nowadays welcome common people in their gardens.
Besides, wide areas like those of Pineto, Monte Mario, and Insugherata parks have their share of beautiful meadows. Some, like that of Appia Antica ("the old Appia way"), put together the melancholy of ancient remains with the green coscience and love for nature. Some areas are suitable for biking and since the Nineties, the spots for renting a bike have increased considerably.
Villa Borghese and "il Pincio" are known to tourists and roman citizens as well, taking the joy of green in the heart of the city, the historical centre.

The defense of green areas from speculation and private interests, in the capital as much as in the rest of Italy, is a priority -often neglected-; history (past and recent) has proved that you can never lower the guard!


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