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Rome is, according to many, "a museum under the sky", for the number and the quality of the artistic masterpieces that are hosted in its soil.

From sculpture to architecture, from painting to any other form of visual art, Rome presents an unmatched richness. At least up to the nineteenth century, it has been one of the capitals for the artists.
Even if history saw this privilege later moving to Paris, then New York, as for the art of the past and the classic times there will never be a place like this.

From the architectural point of view, the centre presents myriads of baroque buildings and churches, together with many from the Renaissance and the XIX century.
Such dense context prevented the appearing of extranous (modern) elements, if not well-suited to the existing environment.

Getting a bit far from the centre, there still are areas which maintain the noble look of the first years of the twentieth century, like in Prati and in the quartiere Coppedé ("Coppedé district"), where the floreal Liberty enjoys its triumph.

Finally, the quarter invented for the Universal Exposition of Rome (simply named "EUR") -the Expo never took place, because of the war otbreak-, presents modern solutions and imposing buildings, in white marble and stones, of great interest.


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