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The long history of Rome has left traces that begin from the very first settlements to the free shapes of contemporary art: one again, one cannot think of exhausting an argument that may occupy some encicplopedic volumes!
The origins of Rome are lost in legends, nevertheless in the sites of the centre you can find some remainings of the original village; the Republican and Imperial Ages -in the latter a population of one million souls was reached, definitely astoundig for the time- have left a permanent mark around which also the later architecture developed, growing aside or replacing what could be found. Even the architecture of EUR, the most recent "artistic" area of the town, recalls Roman echos.

After the fall of the Empire, the Renaissance period produced more masterpieces, and the next splendour age was that of baroque, the most evident style in the centre which also imposed its new, scenic structure.

Modernity and the contemporary spirit are concentrated in specific areas, like in the Coppedé quaeter, or in the aforementioned EUR, whose interesting scenography is often neglected in favour of the most known ancient arts.

Strolling in Rome is a pleasure for the eyes and the visits inside the buildings, when possible, can provide unexpected surprises...

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