UPDATE (2020): this page is very old, it was written when the web was still unknown
to most people -I began working as a web engineer, may years ago!
It doesn't make sense to read it, unless you want to have an idea of waht the web "0.1"
looked like.
Not that I care much about the look and functionality of my pages, anyway you'd better
take a look at the site index, instead!

Things that really matter in life (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Let's start with cats!!!

And also tea

Essentials: (with pictures)... Scotland, London, Ireland

And do not forget the little great Linux!

While in Europe the great DVD is barely growing up, in the States and in Japan it's already a must. On the matter, just have a look at my tiny page.

Why not to visit the site I worked for fun for some time... a site about hatred and beloved hometown, Rome that contains some information for travellers, citizens and curious people as well.

Notice: from here, you leave my pages...

After all, what's so special in making new computers after the birth of ZX Spectrum? And who knows how many emulators can "resurrect" it...?!

And then comics, especially Sandman, Neil Gaiman and all the Vertigo editions!

Too many more places, actually, to list, about photography, stamps, astronomy... passions are the flavours of life!

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Pages developed exclusively under Linux
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