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Curriculum in brief

I'm graduated in Computing Engineering in the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and presently work as a IT consultant for SRD-ISP in Rome but I'm available for additional "spot" jobs.
By this one and the previous experiences, my main concerns are:

C/C++ programmer under Unix (Sun, AIX, Linux) and Windows 3.1, 95, NT, with or without GUI. I developed some (TCP/IP net) client-server application and used MFC to code a graphic interface for the manipulation of entity-relationship schemas.

Sun/SunOS and Linux O.S. manager, IP net manager mainly in Unix environment, webmaster (Apache, Stronghold).

I'm responsable for part of the security procedures in the net, those regarding SSL, cryptography, setup, coding and administration of a Certification Authority.

PSL (Patrol Script Language) programmer and Patrol operator.

I write on the italian magazine COMPUTER SHOPPER (Unix/Linux monthly article (IT)) and sometimes on inter.net; plus often translate to/from English technical articles.

You can find here my detailed curriculum (IT)...

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