The marvellous DVD (movie)

I will not tell you what in detail a DVD is, because it's already said in many places over the Internet... Just let me confirm the rumors: it's UNBELIEVABLE! (but watch it on TV, not with a monitor).
In brief, it's a media apparently like a CD, capable of containg about 17 gigabytes of data. The great thing is that this capacity is sufficient to store a whole movie in Mpeg2 format with the soundtrack in many languages (plus subtitles) and in Dolby Digital/Dolby Surround, better than inside cinemas! Personally, I got it first because it does not degrade like videocassettes do but also to have the English spoken soundtrack. Experts in cinema will also appreciate the fact that, very often, both the TV screen ratio version and the one that respects the original film are on the same media. Aho!
Actually, the quality of the picture depends on the effort provided for making the Mpeg2 file, which is a sucking operation in terms of computing power; anyway, all the titles that I have are nearly perfect:

Gattaca2Tristarit, sp, ing, portmucho interesting
Micheal Collins2Warnerit, en, frAho!
Ghost in the shellnoBandai (?)jap, engwazzzzz!
Mars Attacks2Warnerit, en, frwill you forgive me?
My Best Friend's Wedding2Warnerit, en, esSorry again...
Interview with the vampire2Warnereng, it, frGreat!
Alice in Wonderland2Disneyit, eng, fr, hola must
Mary Poppins2Disney, Warnerit, en, fr, hol!!!
Mad Max2Warnerit, en, frGood
The Lion King II2Disney, Warnerit, en, fr, hol, pol, hun, ebrGood
The Swan Princess2Tristarit, en, es, porGood
Blazing Saddles2Warnerit, en, frI love it!
Kyashan, the Myth2Yamatoit, enVery Good, engA jewel with a spot
Elizabeth2......Yumm, yumm!
Shakespeare in line for review
The Big Chill2......No words match this cult

Italians, please look at this same page in their language that contains a lot more info (sorry, but I have no time to translate everything)...

Ladies and gentlemen, that's all!
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