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Out o' the coffin

The Gazette 1999, October 15-31

It's a few days that a quake hit Taiwan, causing various damages to the economy and the population of that region; probably everybody remembers about it, and especially a guy that posted on a IT newsgroup asking if RAM prices would have skyrocketed because of that. This guy was answered, in a very short time, to criticize his lack of sensibility, 'cos he just cared about the effect on his pockets. The same one posted again, later, professing his own feeling, thing that he did not before because of the inappropriate topic. How is it related to me?
It is, it is, because as a simple observer of the little newsgroup fact, I realized that after having known of the quake via Internet, I did not even ask myself about a possible drama behind the news. Read a two-lines heading, I was not even caught by mere curiosity. I could not even grief for victims, for I did not know if there were any. Simly, jumping from a task to another, from a site to another, I "forgot" to get informed. Not even that brute, disgusting curiosity that grabs us when the TV slams its doors open with the crudest images to rise the share did find a way into my mind. Nada, niente, nothing, nisba!
The mails on the newsgroup woke me up, made me feel a bit ashamed, and finally cleared how my window on the world is gradually getting more and more distorced in comparison with a traditional point of view. So you will find me visiting always the same sites, reading the same sorts of news, that usually regard the information technology (which is going to be a sort of "poor information technology" in this case). I'd say... closed in a dark coffin.
Must get out.

Luckily, on sunday I'll be at a pic-nic for Luca's birthday. Luca is a noteworthy chap who generously spends energies for its hobbies, like the Imago virtual community (in 2019, I removed the broken link). Like most of us, he never finds time enough to do all the things he would like to. My personal evaluation of the time required to do most of my stuff in a life is of about three hundred or four hundred years. Not bad. Some people dream of eternity, but I would not spit on a little bit less. Probably, no one has lived long enough to state that, after a certain amount of time, boredom gets over.

It's friday, so hot soup and week end are coming. Friday is a nice day.

Now it's monday, let me update this stuff before publishing the gazette: I missed the famous pic-nic, having in mind the wrong date (12:30 instead of 12:00). I present here my public excuses. To use a more specific term, my "Internetted" excuses. Luca will partially forgive me, I hope.

See you soon.

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