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The Gazette 1999, October 1-15

"As usual!" and "bungler" are words that I often hear by Giulia. When I'm with children I realize that, at their age and in comparison with them, we were sort of braindeads. Now that I think about it... I've been a braindead till the age of 18 at least, the only good things I had were school marks and the ZX Spectrum. Undoubtely much, much better than a Commodore 64. I'd like to get back to that age without being a braindead, but I suppose that the rules of this game exclude such chance. All this to come to our current issue: does work kill you? Couldn't I realize it much sooner, instead of being a braindead?

Briefly, in a bunch of days I find myself being project leader of two-three projects without calling myself "project leader", in other words I'm only getting the trash and no title. I must very often wear the tie, suspecting that my rayon shirts with psychedelic patterns bought second-hand for a dime wouldn't be appreciated. On the matter, my first deep gratitude is for all those that in the '60-70s pretended to have anything interesting to say and who then threw their shirts away. Do not bother me with the usual flames: to me, the Sixties and Seventies have been fundamental, even if I were not there, and I would not give up most of the things they've left for us. But do not tell me that most of those "protesters" really believed in what they were doing. I see them, now.

One big thing of october and september is that you meet a lot of people again. Some of my time is spent thinking on how I would set up nights to meet all the ones I'd like, but there's not spare time to accomplish the task. Good news for those who like England and Co., news that will lead to a couple of hours watching TV here: Blackadder (better than Mr. Bean, by Rowan Atkinson again but produced before) and Doctor Who DVDs will soon be available. Now, the old geeks' experience matters. Many youngsters at large now have never even heard of Doctor Who, that explains why they're so shabby. But new generations have hope, too, at least as long Gundam may come back in Italy.

A special mention award is granted to Mr. Antonluigi Maccagno, that made me laugh for a whole dinner with his stories. If they ever tell you that a man named Antonluigi will be at a party, that played Dungeons & Dragons with a horse called "Pierastolfo", I suggest you to attend the party.

Be here next time!

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