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Why does money puff?

The Gazette 1999, September 15-30

Issue number two! How could I make so far?

Do you know what sort of noise my money makes more often? It's a sort of "puff", because it usually leaves as soon as I've just taken control of it. A nice white cloud of puffing vapour remains in its place. The last puff came just a few days ago, when I saw three recent DVD titles in a little shop just off home: "Elizabeth", "The Big Chill" and "Shakespeare in Love"... "puff"! But it was worth having an empty wallet again. A friend of mine also lent me "Armaggedon", it's the sort of movie that I could watch with Maurondi & Co., you should know of him now.

At the moment, I'm waiting impatiently the evening, because eating at Scaramuzza's constitutes a big promise -he's well known for its ability in feeding its stomach with a quantity of food that's double the capacity of the stomach itself, so there must be a very clever buffering device in there, or a compression utility.
Most of my friends do not know Mr. Federico Scaramuzza, so let me introduce him briefly: for some time he's been part of the leadership of the company I work for, then he decided to leave. I have no details at the moment, but I suspect that the only sentient being capable of inserting authoritative commands in his head has taken control of the decision process. Yes, I'm talking about his motorbike -what else?

Summer is fading away, the last record of it has gone since AB is controlling the temperature in the office; yesterday we received an offer for the adotion of polar bears by WWF that heard rumors about our special climatic conditions. AB is also called the Borg here, for its total partecipation in our systems' life. Perhaps it wasn't just a joke. Perhaps he REALLY is a Borg and he's slowly making the climate fit his needs.

As I was saying, the puffing of my money is going to worry me a little bit at the moment, so do not throw coins in the road when I'm passing by. It'a a silly, trivial joke, and I may get under a bus before getting to it; besides, hospitals are expensive and I may consider us not being friends anymore.

Now, before leaving, just some personal home pages I've visisted and found somewhat interesting (beware, they're in Italian only): this guy provides some info about diving around Isola d'Elba, while this one has some things to say... humm, nothing special at the moment. An interesting text about hackers can be found starting from here... And please, do not miss the next issue!

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