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I could spend my time better but...

The Gazette 1999, September 1-15

Hi lads!

Yes, I could certainly do better anything else than regularly filling this column that nobody ever will read (apart from my cats, that will be forced to), and you also probably wonder: -Where the hell does this silly thing called a gazette come from?-
Not from me, really, I'm sorry... It's just that I was browsing and I found this nice page and told myself: -This guy is cool!- It's not my fault! He's contagious... Well, the idea of writing some lines here is just to make this site a little bit dynamic, for at the moment... it's not: a friend of mine told me that he visited this site twice and he won't come any more because it's always the same. Of course. So, what you'll see here is a mixture of unrelated thoughts and facts, like the ones that follow.

Well, '99 is coming to an end, I will presumably survive the Millenium and see a lot of great movies on the DVD. The last one I saw was "Starship Troopers", the people in there (Maurondi, Pico and the Nennix) and me were all hoping the female main character to die... but she didn't. She survived a meteor hit, a bunch of mortal insectoids, the king of all the insectoids that wanted to eat her brain (if any) and a well placed blue fireball that hit her starship. There was nothing to do, sorry: she was still in there with a so-called "malicious" smile that inspired Maurondi so much. The picture quality was great, the parody about the army too. The movie in itself is something I wouldn't probably watch twice, but once, yes.

It was the last light before the end of summer... after my beloved London and Cambridge and one week in Puglia, in a place called Marina di Pulsano, just south of Taranto. The sea is great there, but the shores are so dirty and so filled with glass bits that I do not plan to visit that area any more.

I have to do my stuff now so, for the moment, that's all folks! (and forgive my English)

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