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Rome is served by an integrated public transport network, managed by the companies STA, Cotral and Trenitalia. The network includes underground lines, buses, surface urban trains (called "tram" here, though a few remain), and trains that take out of town. The whole urban area is covered, even if the system is not efficient as in other major European cities, due to the lack of a complete underground system. The main obstacle to its development is the immense quantity of historical remainings that are underground: digging is often impossible, so the surface trasport is often the only viable solution. The following map shows the whole underground and train net at a glance, only a few stops have been omitted. Notice that transports are rapidly evolving and the map may be not up-to-date:

mapa dei trasporti a Roma

Also notice that since 2012, the Tiburtina train station has been completely renewed and enlarged and is intended to reduce the stress on the better known Termini station. The train going from the airport to the Termini station is called Leonardo.

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