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Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina

The church of San Lorenzo in Lucina (St Lawrence's at Lucina, "S. Laurentii in Lucina" in Latin) has a really nice facade that makes more precious the square ("Piazza in Lucina") on which it stands, aside Palazzo Piano. The square has one side opened to via del Corso.

church of San Lorenzo in Lucina, facade
the peculiar and lovely facade of the church of San Lorenzo in Lucina

Saint Lawrence was a martyr and a deacon; the church dedicated to him was erected in the 4th or 5th century in the house of matron Lucina, 440 A.D. being the "official" year.
In 1099-1118, it was remade by pope Pope Paschal II ("papa Pasquale II"), who added the the porch with the pitched wooden ceiling, held by small stone pillars and the bell tower with three floors of mullioned windows with two lights, the facade being of year 1112.

It was revised by Cosimo Fanzago (1650 ca.); the interior is from the 17th century, with a single nave, a rich, golden coffered ceiling.
Over the entrance there is a choir held by two small columns.
By the 20th pillar on the right, you can find the tomb of the renowed painter Nicolas Poussin, one of the most talented and beloved landscape painters of all times -notice that the tomb was commissioned by Chateaubriand; it is in the second chapel on the right and sports a bust by Paul Lemoyne and a relief by Louis Desprez.
The 4th right chapel (Fonseca chapel) was designed by Bernini ; Bernini also made the 20th on the left of the four busts of the Fonseca family.
In the fifth chapel on the right one can find "Death of St. Giacinta Marescotti" made by Marco Benefial and "Life of Saint Francis" (1624) by Simon Vouet.

By the main altar there is an important crucifex by Guido Reni, renowed especially in the past times; in the choir, behind a small door, there is a cattedra with an insription reminding Pasquale II and the Saint Lorenzo broiler: the saint is believed to have been burnt laind on such a tool.

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