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Ara Pacis

The Ara Pacis is found in via di Ripetta and has been moved to its original location just recently; the complex operation took a long time and was completed with the building of a museum around this unique monument.
The name recalls "Peace" (PAX means "peace", in Latin, and PACIS means "of Peace").

It was created in 13 B.C., in honour of the emperor Augustus and to be used as sepulchre for himself and for the imperial family (27 A.D.); originally it was an imposing construction in circular shape, rich in marbles and statues, set round with arcades and surmounted by a conical heap of soil, with cypresses, on top of which there was the statue of the emperor.

the Ara Pacis
The Ara Pacis, built to be the tomb of Augustus

In the Middle Ages, it was transformed into a fortress and, later, it was used for a number of purposes till, in 1936, its reinstatement. In its interior there is a crypt in which the urns are still kept.

The walls are characterized by relieves, the look is white but we know that it was painted in lively colours.

The museum built around the Ara Pacis hosts expositions of any kind (most of modern art, but also fashion), is completely white, of contemporary and simple look; can be reached via a large staircase.
On the side of the staircase, a fountain with numerous water jets.

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